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Sunday 27 June 2010


10:18 AM | , , ,

Hello, world I am Yogen Basnet from Darjiling and I write tutorial blogs for beginners in order to help them get transformd from a freelancer to a full-time blogger with the use of my tips, tricks and benificial ideas at no cost at all. Yes, no cost. I Started blogging after 2005. Prior to that, I was working as a Data Entry Operator. Mainly my job was to post advertisments, writing up articles to publicize the company online. I also had been entrusted with Email Marketing. Interesetingly, after couple of months I was promoted as a Content Editor and in the procession, I became a Quality Checker. It was from this point of my life I become a serious blogger. Honestly, not for the betterment of the people but for promoting the company (LOL). No doubt, as I was given training by experts on these topics, I too, gained personal benefits (not monetarily but knowledge-wise) due to my so-called serious and hectic blogging experiences. 

What is a blog ? 

Why do individuals/companies build a blog ? 

How to plan a blog before making posts ?

How to write good contents ?

Little bit of tags and coding ?

Submitting blog to Search engines ?

Submitting blog to Social bookmarks ?

These are some teensy-weensy questions that bother any person who is new to the field of blogging. As much as reading blogs developed by others is fun, developing blogs is equally tough. I have had my share of good and bad experiences in this virtual world of blogging. Through my blogs, I want to utilise all these and several others resources to help my fellow armature bloggers so that they won't have to face difficulties in their initial phases as I had. On a serious note one or more question must be running through the mind of anyone who goes throuh my About Me page. Questions such as : Why am I doing this? Why am I taking so much pains to help you? What are my benefits? Frankly, its not for any personal gains but sometimes it feels good to help others for no reason. Well, to be truthful, there is a small gain for me in it as well, the easiest path to heaven is said by being a good Samartian, and I hope to gain my seat somewhere-up-there someday, someway....... (LOL) If you have any queries, suggestion, comments please feel free to leave a comment and I assure you that the response is just a click away.
Regards ,Yogen Basnet.
Your Fellow Blogger and Guide.

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